MEDIUM Multi-gen Golden doodle s

Montana x Asher
30-50 pounds

Born March 18th


MINI/MEDIUM Goldendoodles

Selah x Asher
25-45 pounds (average 30-40)

Born  April 30th
Home June - FIRM June 19-21

​~Fill out the application to begin reservation process~

Leader of the Litter

I'm offering a new reservation option,  Leader of the Litter.  I hold the option for first two puppies (typically one male and one female) in my litters to keep for my breeding program.   There are times I will forego this right and allow others those puppy spots. 

This is a coveted position that moves you directly to the top of my reservation list and to take advantage of this opportunity, the price is $5000.  You will then not have to wait for a future litter and you will be contacted first for puppy placement. 

The puppy will still be sold under my pet puppy contract, this does not allow breeding rights.
I have Guardian Home opportunities in 2019 for puppies I will hold back from my litters.
Please fill out an application if you are interested in becomming a GH.  There is more info on my (GHP) Guardian Home program here:   http://www.montanagoldendoodles.com/guardian-home
Most of my puppies are placed by using the Volhard Temperament Test discussed in the book: The Art of Raising a Puppy by: The Monks of New Skete.  I administer this test once puppies are 7 weeks old. (There are a few times that temperament testing will not take place,)

Families are not allowed to 'pick out' their puppy.

After the test has been completed on all puppies and scored accordingly, I narrow down the choices for each family to a couple of puppies. I then discuss with each family the puppies that would make the best match in temperament and coat for each family on my reservation list.

I know by the time I do the temperament test the needs and wish list for the families on my reservation list. I work with them to place the proper puppy in each home. 

I have had amazing success using this method and look forward to placing a puppy in your home!

If you fill the final reservation for a litter, you by no means are getting what is 'left over.'  In the process of temperament testing, I keep in mind every family and the needs and wish list of each while making selections.

~I with-hold the right to reserve the first 2 puppies from each litter~

The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, 
pets we allow into our solitude. ~Robert Brault


Your deposit can be moved from litter to litter. However, if after a year, I have received no contact from the depositer, the deposit expires and a new one will need to be placed to adopt a puppy.