I have a Guardian Home opportunity for a female puppy from Montana's litter below.

Please fill out an application if you are interested in becoming a GH.  There is more info on my (GHP) Guardian Home program here:    http://www.montanagoldendoodles.com/guardian-home
Mini Multi-gen Goldendoodles

Tana x Eli
20-40 pounds

Breeding in February

Due April ish
Home May/June
(firm go home dates will be posted after birth)


​~Fill out the application to begin reservation process~

Leader of the Litter

I'm offering a new reservation option,  Leader of the Litter.  I hold the option for first two puppies (typically one male and one female) in my litters to keep for my breeding program.   There are times I will forego this right and allow others those puppy spots. 

This is a coveted position that moves you directly to the top of my reservation list and to take advantage of this opportunity, the price is $4000.  You will then not have to wait for a future litter and you will be contacted first for puppy placement. 

The puppy will still be sold under my pet puppy contract, this does not allow breeding rights.
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pets we allow into our solitude. ~Robert Brault


Your deposit can be moved from litter to litter. However, if after a year, I have received no contact from the depositer, the deposit expires and a new one will need to be placed to adopt a puppy.